Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do I need to make an appointment ahead of time?
A. Yes. Please call us at (02)790-5910 for an initial consultation appointment.
    An appointment can be made in person by calling (02)790-5910 or by emailing at
    We do not offer walk-in sessions.
2. Do you offer evening appointments?
A. Yes, we do. Counseling hours are from 9am to 8pm.
    We also offer appointments on Saturdays from 9am to 6pm.
3. How many sessions should I plan to have?
A. In general, individual counseling sessions are 50 minutes in length, but this may also vary depends on the
    case. Your intake session therapist is likely to talk with you about how many sessions you may need to
    benefit from counseling.
4. How long is the wait?
A. At times, there may be a waiting period to get connected with a therapist due to the demand for IFCC services
    or time conflict between a therapist and a client. We realize that the process of waiting can be difficult.
    Please know that we make every effort to accommodate as many clients as we can with a minimal wait.
5. Do you offer Skype sessions?
A. Due to confidentiality and other clinical concerns, we do not offer Skype sessions.
6. How private is my information?
A. We adhere to professional and ethical guidelines that permit us to disclose information about you only with
    your specific written authorization. The information you provid e on paper and during your sessions is not
    shared with any other office or agency unless you have signed a “Release of Information” form allowing
    your information to be shared with an outside agency or individual.
7. Can I see a psychiatrist at IFCC?
A. We do not provide psychiatric services. However, we can refer you to psychiatrists who would be able to
    provide appropriate treatments.
8. How much does a session cost?
A. Our service fees depend on the therapist’s credential and clinical experience. We do offer a sliding-free scale.
    Please contact us for further information.
9. What forms of payment do you accept?
A. We don’t accept credit cards at this point. We only take cash or wire transfer.
10. Are your services covered under the Korean national health plan?
A. Unfortunately, no mental health services are covered by health insurance in Korea.
11. Do you have any branches in Korea?
A. We have many counseling branches (about 40 centers) all over the country.
    However, these centers only offer counseling services in Korean.
    If you would like to know more about other centers, please call (02)790-5910.
12. Do you offer Korean/English counseling?
A. We have bilingual therapists. We also have a Japanese speaking therapist.
13. What if I am not happy with the therapist I see?
A. Generally, it is possible to change therapists if you do not feel you are well-matched with the therapist
    you are working with. Please contact IFCC (02-790-5910, and let us know and
    we will discuss the situation with you.
14. What about parking?
A. There are parking spaces for visitors (free). Please enter the apartment complex and follow the sign
    “for visitors”.