Greetings from the founder

I am pleased that you are interested in our English Counseling Services.
When suffering continues and keeps overwhelming you, it is because you haven’t had a chance to share the pain with someone who
sincerely cares for you. Your suffering and pain can be healed and recovery is possible if someone stays and listens to you.

International Family Counseling Center, Seoul is committed to providing the most comprehensive and appropriate care to all persons
live in Korea. We are dedicated to helping English-speakers address the broken areas of their life towards healing and wholeness.
International Family Counseling Center, Seoul is always open to you. We are dreaming a new life of you.
Jay Jeaeun Oh, Ph.D.
President, International Family Counseling Center
Chairman, Korean Association of Family Counseling

Vision Statement

We are one family
under the same sky

Mission Statement

1. Facilitate healing in persons and families
2. Provide training for counselors
3. Engage in empirical therapy researches to support scientific approaches
    in therapy
4. Engage in knowledge making via publishing books and other reading
5. Provide multicultural counseling for non-Korean speaking clients
6. Provide sliding fee scales for individuals with limited resources

Who We Are

When you feel like you are alone
When you feel trapped like there is nowhere to turn to
When your worries are endless and you never seem to find the answers
When nothing seems to make things any better
When you need to talk to someone who can help

You need an experienced, trained professional.
The International Family Counseling Center is here to help.

We offer a safe space for you to address personal and/or relationship dif-ficulties with to trained professional counselors and psychologists.
We provide individual, group, couple and family counseling for all age groups. We are an official professional counseling center that works with the Korean Association for Family Counseling, which is certified by the Ministry of Health and Welfare.